Posted by Angela

The staff of Northeast Georgia Medical Center have been so grateful to receive the cups of kindness over the past couple of months. Our chaplains have been giving out cups to staff members after a patient passes away. It has been a great way to show compassion to those who care for patients at the end of their lives. It also provides staff a moment to be still and reflect on their own grief. Compassion increases staff resilience. Please know your donations and participation make a huge difference. Thank you!

We are getting ready to meet, fellowship and assemble 100 cups together on Saturday Sept. 25th at 10am-11am.

Please join us and bring your families! If you can’t meet with us, please know that your donations of money and items is welcome and appreciated. We are using packs of gum, mints, chocolates, and tea bags. All must be individually packaged. Call or text Karen @ 678-938-2887.