Posted by Angela

A church wide campout on the property and work week is planned for Monday, July 26th – Saturday, July 31st.  If you have a camper or tent, we will camp on the church campus in lieu of the Red Bird mission trip this year.  If you would rather not camp, you can attend daily to pitch in and enjoy the working fellowship.  We hope to accomplish the following during the week:


Finish the connection of the trails and lay out the exercise stations

Install the signs and the exercise station equipment

Clean out the existing farm shed and remove all non- organic materials (trash) from the property

Preliminary layout of the Community Garden

Remove undergrowth around the trees to create a “park like” appearance

Have fun and fellowship


We are hopeful that there is a lot of participation in the work week, as it provides a great opportunity to fellowship and build relationships.  Whatever your level of participation is, it is valued and we would love to see you there.  There are rumors of sitting around a campfire at the end of the day and singing a few songs (if you have a guitar, please bring it).