Posted by Angela

Pastor Rob is starting a book discussion group on Sundays at 4PM for one hour. Our first meeting will be Feb 28. This will be a virtual meeting on zoom. We will be discussing this book: Exploring Jewish Literature of the Second Temple Period: A Guide for New Testament Students by Larry R Helyer.

You might ask why do we need to study this? In the author’s words: “Jewish Christians, who were heirs of this rich culture and tradition spanning more than five hundred years, wrote most of what the church now calls the NT. When one studies the NT against the backdrop of the Second Temple period, a new understanding emerges. Christianity now appears as a sister faith, alongside rabbinic Judaism, both of whom are greatly indebted to their mother, namely, Second Temple Judaism, itself a development of the ancestral faith rooted in the Hebrew Bible. “

Studying the “time between the testaments” will help you better understand how the Jewish people arrived at the idea of Messiah.

You can buy the book here:

Let Pastor Rob know you want to attend the group.