Posted by Angela

A new Virtual Bible Study on Romans, led by Pastor Rob Bruce, will begin on Thursday, Aug 6 at 10:30 AM. Romans is one of the most important theological documents of all time, particularly for the Reformers. It was fundamental to their theology and continues to exercise basic importance for the way Christians think about their faith and try to live out their faith. “I hope to help you understand that the theology of Romans was written in a particular place and time, Rob says. “And the more we understand about that theology in its place and time, the better we can put it into practice in our day as well.”

You do not have to leave the comfort of your home. This is done entirely online via the free Zoom app. All you need is a smart phone, tablet, or lap or desk top computer. You do not have to be technologically savvy to do this. Anyone can do it. Contact pastor Rob via text or phone 404.906.8276 or email