Posted by Rob Bruce

Do you have an opionon on the death penality? Do you feel strongly one way or the other about abortion or homosexuality? What are your views on the seperation of church and state? Creation and evolution taught in the public schools? Euthanasia? Prayer in the public schools? You most likely have strong opions about some of these issues. On some of the other issues you might have opinions, but perhaps have not spent a great deal of time thinking through these issues.

In this Tuesday Night Study taught by Pastor Rob Bruce, we will explore these issues based on the book by Alan Hamilton.  (Adam Hamilton is the Pastor at Church of the Ressurection, one of the fastest growing churches in Methodism.) We will take a look at these issues from a Biblical persepctive in oder to arrive at a faithful Christian response.

The Study will run on Tuesday nights 6:45 to 8:00PM,June 19-Aug 21

If you are interested in this class please drop pastor Rob and email and he will reserve a spot and order a book for you. The cost of the book is $10.00.