Posted by Angela

Since January the Conference has provided me with a spiritual guide. This had nothing to do with the pandemic, but it was a program that was offered by the conference that I wanted to participate. Rev. JoAn Kinrade was who I selected for this journey. I cannot tell you how much her guidance has helped me through this trying time. So, I thought I would check with her about offering her gifts to the church. This is what she is suggesting:

In the challenges of life, especially in this season of “new abnormalcy” and the unknown, drawing close to God can truly be our saving grace.  Beginning Sunday Sept. 13, we will be offering an Introduction to Spiritual Practices Class, led by Rev. JoAn Kinrade.  JoAn is an ordained Deacon, presently serving as a trusted Spiritual Guide to Clergy and Lay Persons and as Weekend Chaplain at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Newnan.  As she draws near to God in her daily life, JoAn has experienced a continued deepening relationship through a consistent practice of Spiritual Disciplines.  She loves to share her experiences with others.
During this 4-week class, participants will be given a basic introduction to a variety of spiritual practices and actually try out several new and different spiritual exercises. At the end of the class, it is our hope that you will choose to add 1 or 2 new practices to your daily personal time with God.
Topics to be covered include:  Prayer, Scripture Meditation and Study, Fasting, Simplicity, Solitude, Silence, Sabbath, and Service.
No preparation is necessary and little to no homework will be required.

If you want to participate in this class please let Pastor Rob know via email