Posted by Angela

Jesus tells his disciples, “Be compassionate, just as your father is compassionate.” (Luke 6:36) is a call to action to model God’s loving kindness and compassion to all God’s people.

Many of our hospital staff are suffering from compassion fatigue, as staff have had to put their own families’ needs aside to focus on the increasing demands of our sick patients at the hospital. Often there is little acknowledgment for their hard work or time for staff (nurses, doctors and patient techs) to grieve the sadness of a patient who has passed away.

One of the ways I invite you to show our compassion and love for our community is through donating on Christmas Eve to a  project called “Cups of Kindness” organized by Agape ministry.

The vision of Agape Ministry is to gather a community of people to lead devotion together and pray together for our hospital community as we  assemble “Cups of Kindness”.

These cup of kindness consist of a paper cup packed with chocolate, candy, mints, tea bag, a chap stick to provide a soothing balm for their soul. Our Chaplains at NGHS take the cups to staff after a patient death-it’s a time to connect with staff, pray and show them they are valued.


Rev. Karen