HUGS: Help Us Go to School

HUGS Help Us Go to School is a ministry to children in Panajachel, Guatemala begun in 2019 by Janni & Dynelle Martin. The primary focus of HUGS is to provide school uniforms, shoes, gym clothes, books, school supplies and when needed transportation that allows children to continue in school who would otherwise be working at a very young age.

Currently (Oct. 2021) we have 28 children in the HUGS program.  During the pandemic HUGS has been providing groceries to some of our poorest families.  The primary source of income in Panajachel is tourism.  Guatemala was completely closed from March of 2020 until Sept 2020 when Covid first arrived in the country.  Even though Guatemala is now open for visitors the Covid numbers are high and few tourists are visiting.  Therefore, many parents of the HUGS children have been unable to work.

HUGS has also provided tablets for some of the children since all the schools are closed to in person learning.  We are also considering coordinating some dental care for the children as this is an area of extreme neglect for our kids.

Opportunities available:

  • Sponsor a child for $30 month.
  • Donate funds for dental care.
  • Donate for various needs such as tablets, a small income for our coordinator, Zonia Mucun, and other needs as they arise.
  • Assist with scholarships to Eben-Ezer, a private Christian school for our children with top grades.
  • Schedule a trip to Guatemala with us to meet the children and families and enjoy a close up view of a beautiful country and wonderful children.

Contact: Janni Martin