Vision and Mission

United Methodist Church

The United Methodist Church

Our Mission at McEver Rd Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Our Vision, our road map to accomplish our mission, is  “Loving Christ. Loving People. Helping People  Love Christ.”

Our Values:

  1.  Radical Hospitality. The desire to invite, welcome, and affirm  all  into our fellowship no matter their gender, race, income, sexual orientation, marital status, or age. This is loving people.
  2. Passionate Worship. Worship is the gateway to transformed lives. Worship opens our hearts to Christ’s pardon, love, and grace and creates in us the desire to follow. We provide two different styles for worship, both passionate. This is Loving Christ and Helping People Love Christ.
  3.  Intentional Faith Development. Growing in Christ demands more than weekly worship.  It is through Intentional Faith Development that God’s Spirit works in us making us more like Christ as we grow in the knowledge and love of Christ. We offer small groups, Bible Studies, music ministries, age group ministries, and other opportunities for spiritual growth.  This is Loving People, Loving Christ and  Helping People  Love Christ.
  4.  Risk Taking Mission and Service. It is not enough just to talk about our faith, we have to do the faith too!  This is the outreach ministries of the church to those in need. Our food pantry, benevolences committee, Good News at Noon Soup Kitchen & Medical Clinic, and other opportunities to serve.  This is Loving Christ. Loving People. Helping People Love Christ.
  5.  Extravagant Generosity. Generosity, not consumption, is a key value of a meaningful life. Generosity is a spiritual response to our personal need to give and NOT a response to underwriting a financial goal. This is Loving Christ, Loving People, Helping People  Love Christ.